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Love Always released: August 25, 2017
Right Here released: September 25, 2015
You And Me released: November 1, 2013
Label: Warner Bros UK | East West Records
Ocean Wave Records

Album Releases

Love Always (Asia Deluxe): Spotify
Love Always (Deluxe): Amazon / iTunes
Love Always: Amazon / iTunes
Right Here: Amazon / iTunes
You And Me: Amazon / iTunes
You And Me Deluxe: Amazon / iTunes

Single Releases

Beautiful In White: Amazon
Back To You: Amazon
Unbreakable (Acoustic): iTunes
Me And The Moon: iTunes
Knee Deep In My Heart: iTunes
About You: Amazon / iTunes
Everything To Me EP: iTunes
Everything To Me Remixes: iTunes

Other Releases

My Side Of Life - Autobiography [Added Chapter]: Amazon
DVD -  You And Me CD + Documentary: Amazon


Welcome to Shane Filan Solo, this is unofficial website dedicated to the one and only Shane Filan. Shane currently working on his second studio album called 'Right Here', brand new single 'Me And The Moon' already out now! Hope you enjoy the site, Thanks! - Darwin

Updates & Headlines

January 22, 2016
News: Shane to bring his music 'Right Here'
January 21, 2016
News: Shane Filan heads to Southend
January 15, 2016
News: Shane to head West on solo tour
January 15, 2016
News: Joanna Davis speaks to Shane Filan
January 4, 2016
News: Shane Filan to visit Llandudno
January 2, 2016
J. Kyle show mum hits back at 'vile abuse'
December 5, 2015
News : Charity single featuring Shane Filan
November 18, 2015
News : Shane and Nadine - I Could Be
November 13, 2015
News : Right Here Tour 2016
November 13, 2015
News : BBC appeal to get under way
November 12, 2015
News : 'I can't see BZ and WL tour happen
November 6, 2015
News : 'When I Grow up' Charity Single
November 5, 2015
News: 'I wouldn't be able to top Louis'
November 5, 2015
News: Shane: 'We don't see each other'
November 5, 2015
News : Shane is putting his fave sport
November 4, 2015
News : Shane said Niall needs a break
November 1, 2015
News : Shane NEW images in Contact Music
November 1, 2015
News : LISTEN BACK: Radio 2 Interview
August 13, 2015
News : Shane announced new album

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