Shane Filan on being an X Factor judge: 'I wouldn't be able to top Louis'

05/11/2015 19:52

The ex-Westlife star is unsure whether he would join the show if asked

Shane Filan has revealed that he is unsure whether he would like to be a judge on The X Factor, and reckons he ‘wouldn’t be able to top Louis [Walsh].’

Although he admits it is a great show, the singer doesn’t know if he likes the idea of judging other people.

“It’s a great show – of course to be involved in it, if you were asked to do it, you would have to seriously consider it,” he told

“Would I like to judge other people and stuff like that – part of me would say yeah and part of me would say no.”

Thinking about being a judge on the ITV talent show, Shane joked that he’ll ‘leave the judging to Louis.’

“It’s an amazing show and I wouldn’t be able to top Louis, I’ll leave the judging to Louis, he seemed to get on fairly well – he’s the longest running judge I think on any talent show which is pretty cool,” he said.

When asked if he thinks Louis will return to The X Factor in the future, he had the attitude of never say never by saying ‘stranger things have happened.’

“Stranger things have happened, I don’t think he is as far as I know – but you never know, who knows maybe next year he’ll be back,” he added.