Shane Filan on Westlife, Filipino fans, and performing solo

30/08/2014 21:05

Now a solo artist, the former boy band member will be in Manila for a concert in October, and will launch his autobiography after that

MANILA, Philippines – Irish singer Shane Filan had always been with Westlife. With dozens of hits – including “Swear It Again,” “Fool Again,” and “Uptown Girl” – the group is considered one of the best boy bands of all time.

But in 2011, after more than a decade of performing together, the boys announced that they were breaking up. They held a farewell tour and officially disbanded in 2012.

Shane said he took time off before deciding to pursue a solo career.

“Two years ago – time off for about 6 months. I was in the place to embark on a solo career. A bit of a scary time straight out because you don’t know what is going to happen or what goal [to set]. But I did know I did not want to stop [making music],” Shane told Rappler via a phone interview.

“It took 6 months to make the album and I started during last year. It’s very exciting, very unique embarking on a new challenge. I am really proud of the album, its a good start.”

Shane said he was heavily involved in the making of his first album You and Me, even writing some of the songs.

“It’s a lot different,” Shane continued. “It’s very fresh, it’s been a different year and it’s very exciting. I have been enjoying it. So far, so good.”

On October 1, Shane will be back in the Philippines for his first solo concert at the World Trade Center. Although he has been to Manila twice – first, with Westlife; and last June, to promote his album – Shane said he is very excited to see Filipino fans, whom he said he holds close to his heart.
“Filipino fans, they are one of a kind. I came to the airport and they were there to show support, to greet me. They get me excited. They love to sing. You come to the show and come up on stage, and they get super excited. I can’t wait to put on a good performance when I am on stage this October,” he said.
“The Philippines is an important country to me and the fans are important, and I am very excited about the tour and the show, the band. I can’t wait for it.”


Recently, Shane announced that he was launching his autobiography My Side of Life. According to him, the book contains everything about himself, including his time with Westlife, as well as his family.

“It’s coming out in October, the week after when I come to Manila. It's all my life, about Westlife, what went down with Westlife, the happy memories, and to see what I went through. It tells the fans exactly what happened to me,” he said.

Now married and with kids, Shane said that having a family has changed him.

“For me, family is everything, and I got some kids. I started this new journey as a solo artist and I work hard like I never had. I want to travel as much as possible. Like everybody, I look after them and I want my kids to see the Philippines one day.”
From his days in Westlife and now as a solo artist, Shane Filan has grown up. His fans will definitely be on hand to support him when he comes to the Philippines.
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