Shane Filan one year after going solo

01/09/2014 09:33

MANILA, Philippines — It has only been a year since former Westlife member Shane Filan launched his career as a solo artist, but the 35-year-old Irish singer is now hinting on the release of his second album. Filan told through a phone interview that his next record will probably hit the market first quarter of next year.

Seemingly, Shane is starting to enjoy his journey in the music industry as a man of his own.

A chat with Shane

Asked if he will do more song writing and composition this time around, Filan answered that he is open to exploring all opportunities available. If he encounters people who are willing to lend their talent for his next albums, Filan said that his doors are wide open for their contributions.

But while the father of three remains loyal to his choice of music genre—which is pop—Shane shared that he also wants to bring in more ballads, powerful ballads at that, in his next offerings. The singer-songwriter also welcomes the possibilities of collaborations with various artists.

A song featuring any of his former Westlife bandmates in his next album will definitely pleasure the group’s ever-zealous fans, however, Filan set the record straight when he said that there is nothing slated for him and the lads at the moment.

On his ‘You and Me’ tour

For Filan, his live shows are one of the most important aspects of his career as a singer. Every time he does one, he said he always “wanna make sure that its’ good.”

But apart from bringing to stage his own music, Filan also presents special gifts to his fans. Sometimes he performs Westlife songs, sometimes a cover of other popular hits which his fans also love, and sometimes he does both.

On the mention of his Philippine tour, Filan fondly shared with that the Philippines is one of his biggest territories. And when asked if he has a message for his Filipino fans, Filan said, “I can’t wait to be back in Manila… I can’t wait to see everyone.” He is also urging his fans to bring their friends when they come see him on the concert because, “we’re gonna have a good time,” he added.

Greatest learning

In his 16 years of professional music, Filan said that his greatest learning as a musician is: understanding the importance of having a “killer song” to offer to the listeners. Having been with one of the world’s biggest boy bands ever for 14 years, Filan believes that people are always in constant search of one great song to enjoy.

Filan is set to perform in the country for his “You and Me” Tour on October 1, 2014.

Credit/Source: Entertainment.inquirer