Shane Filan's advice to Niall Horan: 'He needs a break'

04/11/2015 19:46

Shane Filan has dished out some advice for Niall Horan in the run up to One Direction’s upcoming hiatus in 2016.

The ex-Westlife star knows what it’s lie to be in a world famous boy band and recommends that One Direction’s break will be ‘good for all of them.’

“I think Niall obviously has been working really hard with the band for a long time you know, and its been fairly full on for them, so I think a break would probably be good for all of them,” he told

Speaking at the launch for Concern’s Fast Campaign, Shane revealed that he knows the pressures of being in a boy band as it was ‘the same in Westlife.’

“I think chill out, get some sleep, play golf, relax you know because his life is obviously a roller coaster, you know it was the same in Westlife.

Shane insisted the time off will be good for all the One Direction boys and will make them come back stronger as a band.

“Spend time with your family, friends, do kind of normal stuff and I suppose they’ll probably be back stronger than ever,” he added.

Concern is encouraging participants to go without something they love for 24 hours to raise funds for hungry children in the world’s poorest countries.

The money raised during the Concern Fast will help provide high-energy therapeutic food for malnourished children and will also give families the long-term support needed to feed their children in years to come.

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Source: Irish Examiner