Jeremy Kyle show mum hits back at 'vile abuse' over Westlife obsession

02/01/2016 20:04

WESTLIFE super fan Kirsty Bryan claims she suffered 'vile' verbal attacks while out shopping – after appearing on TV on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The mother-of-two has even been told by strangers she is 'not fit to be a parent' after revealing on national television she would rather sleep with Westlife's lead singer Shane Filan than her own partner.

Kirsty – who has a Westlife tattoo and named her two young sons after band members – says the show's producers concentrated too much on her obsession with the Irish group in trying to explain the relationship problems she was having with boyfriend Adam Peers.

Kirsty says on the day the programme aired, shoppers at Wolstanton's Asda store called her 'scum' and other nasty names.

The 24-year-old, from Newcastle, said: "I went on The Jeremy Kyle Show a last resort to get help with my relationship. But all I've had since is abuse."

While Kirsty is the first to admit she is a Westlife obsessive, she insists her infatuation had nothing to do with the difficulties she was experiencing in her relationship.

Now she is determined to prove her doubters wrong after cruelly being labelled an 'unfit parent' following her appearance on the show billed as 'All my girlfriend wants for Christmas is... Westlife!'.

The housewife, from Newcastle, said: "The producers literally told us just before we got on stage what the headline for our episode would be and I was surprised.

"I regret some of the things I said, like I'd rather sleep with Shane Filan than my husband but anybody would say things under pressure.

"It's not nice for people to say they want to rip my piercings out while my children are with me or tell my partner to leave me. I've even been called scum. It's vile. But we have stayed strong against the odds and I'll prove people wrong."

Kirsty says first discovered solace in Westlife's pop tunes during a troubled childhood.

She now owns 32 Westlife CDs and 19 DVDs and has seen them in concert four times, as well as meeting them backstage twice.

Kirsty also has a tattoo saying 'Westlife' on her arm and is saving up to have portraits of the band members etched on her back.

And she insists it was the 'natural decision' to name 19-month-old son Shane after lead singer Shane Filan, and younger brother Kian, aged nine months, after band member Kian Egan.

She said: "Shane is my idol and I always said that my children would be named after Westlife.

"When I first saw Shane backstage I fainted. When I woke up, he was there holding a glass of water for me.

"Their farewell tour was heartbreaking. I was four rows from the front and Shane came right into the audience. He is drop dead gorgeous."

Kirsty has been with 25-year-old Adam Peers for a year-and-a-half but they hit a rocky patch 12 months in. But they say things are looking up as, thanks to the show, they now have relationship counselling every week.

Adam said: "We knew what we were getting ourselves into but we were hurt by the way the producers spun the headline. It was all blown out of proportion. It's horrible the abuse Kirsty's got. We can't blame the show, because it has helped us get counselling."

Kirsty's friend, Sandra Bullion supported the decision to go on the show.

The 44-year-old, from Normacot, said: "I've seen what Kirsty and Adam are like together, they have their ups and downs. I was shocked when it watched it on telly though and Kirsty has been crying her eyes out since."

Source: Stoke Sentinel