Topic: Who's Shane For You?

Subject: Shane Filan By: Kelly Hau Date: 23/04/2016

is the best singer on the planet

Subject: shane By: basem Date: 23/04/2016

for me shane is the best singer ever ever ever ! tru , deep, loving,carfull,passion , sound :D

Subject: shane filan is wonderful By: lauren boyle mehta Date: 22/04/2016

A true inspiration, he has gone through some horrible things, but he never gave up. Also I could listen to his voice all day! True talent!!!

Subject: i will love him forever By: Kelly Hau Date: 24/03/2016

because he always sings from his heart

Subject: everything By: Emma Date: 23/03/2016

I love Shane. He is my idol, he cheers me up when I'm feeling low and I love him a lot.

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