Shane Filan Profile

Born: 5 July 1979, Sligo General Hospital, Ireland
Star Sign: Cancer
Parents: May and Peter.
Three Sisters: Yvonne, Denise and Mairhead.
Three Brothers: Peter, Liam and Finbarr
Marital Status: Married to Gillian Walsh with three children, Nicole Rose, Patrick Michael and Shane Peter.
Nickname at School: Shorty
Shane hated Science as a Kid.
Hobbies: Shane loves golf, snooker and has passion for horses. Shane plays for sligo Plumbing and Heating. Shane was in the winning team for Soccer Aid 2010.
Favorite Film: Back To The Future
Favorite TV Programmes: Grey's Anatomy, 24 and Desperate Housewives.

Shane is godfather to ex-band member Brian McFadden's second child, Lily Sue.

All of Shane's horses are named Carlton something (e.g. Carlton Flight, Carlton Clover Association of Ireland.

Shane has starred in productions of Grease and Oliver.  In Grease he played Danny, and in Oliver he played the Artful Dodger.

Shane has known fellow band members Kian and Mark since school, and were in a group called IOU before being signed by Simon Cowell.

Simon disliked Shane in his first audition.  Louis told him to dye his hair blonde, which he did.  Shane came back for the second audition without Simon aware it was the same person.

In 2000, Shane won the 'Most Fanciable Male' award at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.

In 2002, Shane and Mairead opened a clothes shop in Sligo (a Morgan franchise).  The shop was on the same land as their family restaurant.  When the restaurant closed, Shane brought the land to open the clothing shop.  The shop is now closed.  

On 20 September 2011, Shane Filan joined the Twitter world, with a little persuasion from his wife Gillian.

Shane has co-written the following songs:

Fragile Heart from their Coast To Coast album [alongside Brian McFadden and Kian Egan]

Bop Bop Baby, I Wanna Grow Old With You, Don't Say It's Too Late and Love Crime from their World Of Our Own album.

How Does It Feel from their Unbreakable Greatest Hits album.

Closer and Too Hard To Say Goodbye from their latest album Gravity [alongside fellow band members and John Shanks].
Other tracks include:

I'm Missing Loving You
Singing Forever
Where We Belong
Never Knew I Was Losing You
Crying Girl
Reason For Living
Miss You When I'm Dreaming

Shane has also wrote for other artists:

Let Me Be The One [by Simon Casey]
Listen Girl by by John Ostberg
Sei Parte Ormai Di Me by Il Divo
Music Won't Last by Jerry Given

Fun Facts.
- Shane prefers boxers to briefs.  "There’s no ball room in briefs. It’s just uncomfortable".
- What turns Shane on? short skirts, high heels, great legs.  
- Shane bakes his own bread.
- If Shane was an animal he would be a horse.
- Shane prefers Guinness
- Lyons tea all the way for Shane
- Last movie watched - Hangover 2 [as of June 2011]