Pop Prince Shane Filan to bring his music 'Right Here'

22/01/2016 22:58

FOLLOWING the release of his hit album 'Right Here', pop prince Shane Filan has announced a major UK and Ireland tour which will see him hit the stage in March.

Shane, who was one part of boyband Westlife, has always loved to sing and said 'his dreams came true' when he pursued a career in music.

The Irish singer had a love of musicals and pop music as a child and was inspired by influences, including Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys.

His dreams of becoming a musician became a reality in 1998 when he started a musical journey that has seen him reinvent himself and enjoy success as part of one of the biggest boy bands in pop and as a successful solo artist.

Westlife boasted 14 chart-topping singles and 44 million record sales. The band's career, Shane said, 'fulfilled all of our dreams 1,000 times over'.

He said: "Westlife happened so quickly and my dreams really came true. We had a lot of fun, it was just phenomenal and a completely different stratosphere. I have such brilliant memories from my time in the band.

"The highlight of my career had to be performing with Westlife in front of a packed crowd of 85,000 people in Dublin. It took my breath away."

Now Shane is embarking on a solo career and, following the recent release of his second album, he is getting ready to take to the stage again to introduce a different sound from the first album.

The 36-year-old said: "The first album ('You and Me') was quite upbeat, whereas 'Right Here' is quite heavy on the ballads. I really enjoy singing them.

"It is great to be back and I am so humbled that people still come out in their thousands to watch me take to the stage. It is amazing seeing all those people every night. For me, there is nothing quite like the moment I see the audience singing along to the songs I wrote, and I hope the 'Right Here' tour will be just as memorable and just as special. I cannot wait to see all the fans again."

Since taking the leap to perform on his own, Shane has enjoyed success with 'Right Here', which debuted at number one on the Irish album charts and number 11 in the UK on its first week of release and this tour looks set to show just why Shane is so well loved in his own right.

Shane said fans can expect a 'mixture' from the tour.

He said: "I try to make it stronger every year.

"I really enjoy getting out there and letting my hair down.

"If you are not having fun then what is the point?

"I like to incorporate a bit of Westlife as I think fans expect it and I always do 'You Raise Me Up'. I love it and it is a crowd favourite.

"I wrote most of the tracks myself and collaborated with a few people on them so it will be interesting to see how it goes down with the audiences."

So does he still get nervous after all these years?

"No, I have done it so much before. I do get butterflies but I have learned to just get in the zone. It is a bit more scary and more serious than when I performed in a band as it is all about me now. I am conscious that it has to entertain people but the crowd are always awesome. I just want to sing the best songs possible that people are going to love."

Shane also said the lifestyle of a musician has changed since he has become a father.

He said: "In my job you have to travel and although it can be difficult on the road I am always busy. I do try to find a balance between work and home – being a dad is my most important job and it has taken a while to get used to; I manage to make it work."

So what is Shane's favourite song of all time?

"That's a hard one," he said "I loved 'What About Now' and think 'Right Here' is a really beautiful song.

It has been a remarkable journey for a singer-songwriter. So what is next in store for Shane?

"I might head to Asia when the tour is over, take some time off with the family and get back in the studio as soon as possible. I don't like to look too far into the future because you never know what is going to happen."

Shane Filan will be bringing 'Right Here' to Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall on March 4, and Birmingham's Symphony Hall on March 26.

Tickets are on sale now from www.shanefilan.com

Credit/Source: Burton Mail