REVIEW: Kian Egan’s ‘Home’ is the best debut album in years.

11/03/2014 00:49

Kian Egan is a former boyband member, a presenter & a winner, but he’s about to add another job role to that list. He’s now a solo superstar. ‘Home’ is the debut album from the ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ 2013 winner & we are very happy to say that it’s as amazing as we had hoped. The lead single, of the same name, is a perfect introduction to Kian’s debut collection, which is available to buy from March 17th.


The album includes 10 songs, with each track sounding as unique as the previous one. With a blend of music genres (from rock to country to pop), this album delivers in its aim to cement Kian’s place in the charts, as a well-deserved solo artist, with an impressive start to his solo career.

Casual fans or new fans from his jungle stint will be enticed to buy a copy, as this album is a definite hit. ‘Home’ also includes a duet, ‘I Run To You’, with his gorgeous wife & star of ‘The Big Reunion’ 2014, Jodi Albert.

1. ‘Home’.
2. ‘What Hurts The Most’
3. ‘The Reason’.
4. ‘Not A Day Goes By’.
5. ‘I Run To You’ (Feat. Jodi Albert).
6. ‘I’ll Be’.
7. ‘I’m Ready’.
8. ‘Waiting For Superman’.
9. ‘Here Without You’.
10. ‘Wanted’.


Buy the album, on Amazon, here.