SHANE FILAN To Collaborate With...

28/11/2013 05:52

Not so long ago, Shane Filan of Westlife found himself on the shores of the Philippines for his promotional tour. He had a press conference at the SM Megamall Activity Center before having his Podium and SM Skydome shows. 
If you missed all of that, then maybe you should know that Shane is looking into a collaboration with someone special in the music industry. The question really is not who, rather, from where.
In an interview with Shane, MYXPH found out that Shane wants to work with a Filipino artist. He went on saying,"theres talk about at the moment a possibly do a duet, in the next kind of 6 months, with a local artist. I don't know who, or where, or what song yet. But its somethign I'd like to do to get more involved in the culture, to get more involved with people, in general, in the Philippines."
For him, creating a track with one of our bests is a good idea because, as he said, "it's a nice way to get into the country, and get people to listen to your music." He ended the interview with an indefinite idea as to who he might work with, but he sure did say, "I think it'll happen. I think it's looking good."

Credit/Source : MYX Philippines