Shane Filan to head West on solo tour

15/01/2016 22:13

Former Westlife singer Shane Filan, who has become a solo star in his own right, is hoping to get out and explore Plymouth when he visits while on tour this Spring.
One of the first things he asks is where can he can find a nice pub in the city and nice locations.
The Western Morning News tells him to head to The Hoe and The Barbican as they aren’t too far from Plymouth Pavilions, where he’ll play to his fans on March 7.
“I’ve visited the Westcountry many times with Westlife, but it’s been a case of we play the venue go to a hotel or move on to the next place,” he said.
“Hopefully I’d like to be there the night before and see the sights. I want to see the places I’m visiting and make an effort.
“I know it’s a beautiful part of the world, so I hope to catch a bit of it.”
The tour is off the back of the release his second album Right Here, which he said is full of ballads and ‘good love songs’.
“My music has definitely evolved to a certain extent and I think I’ve found out more who I want to be as a solo artist,” he said.
“I think this album is a lot closer to what people know me and my voice for.”
Fans will get to hear a mix of songs from both his solo albums and he’ll throw some Westlife tracks into the set list for good measure.
“It’s going to be a really good show,” he said.
“I have a great live band that travel everywhere with me and I’m excited about it all.”
Despite being in the industry almost 20 years and had fourteen chart topping singles and forty-four million sales. with Westlife, Shane isn’t complacent
“As a solo artist there are always new things you want to try out and you are always thinking ahead.
“But I’m definitely very comfortable where I’m at now in my music career.
“The album is the best I could have made for sure, but you always strive to do better.”
There’s no doubt Shane is enjoying the limelight, although he does miss having the Westlife guys around.
When we chat, he’d just congratulated former band mate Nicky Byrne on his entry for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.
“I was texting him backwards and forward this morning. It’s great for him and he’s venturing out musically. I wish him the best of luck and there’s no better man to fly the Irish flag.
“I’ve seen all the Westlife guys over the last few months. There’s always fond memories to talk about when we see each other.
“We’re all doing our own thing now and it’s not easy to come out of a band like Westlife and continue on, but we’re all well.”
Outside of spotlight he’s very much a family man.
He married his childhood sweetheart Gillian 12 years ago and the couple have three children- Patrick, Nicole and Shane.
He said he’d be happy for his children to follow in his footsteps, but he’d be ‘protective and cautious’.
“I’d encourage it and support them, of course I would,” he said.
“My daughter is doing stage school stuff now and performed on the same stage as I did as a youngster and I was pretty proud. “She’s only ten years old and it was her first time on stage, it was really surreal.”
He also likes spending time horse riding.
“I’ve got into more again lately as my son Patrick is seven and he’s showed a serious interest in ponies.
“He’s now having lessons every week and he loves it and he’s a lot better than I was as a youngster,” he joked.
The singer has enjoyed fame and fortune, but it’s not been plain sailing for the Irish singer.
“Gillian, my wife has been there for me through the highs and lows and has always been so supportive and loving,” he said.
“I know a lot has happened but I wouldn’t change it.
“Everything that happens, good or bad does so for a reason. Life wasn’t meant to be perfect. Life is what you make it. I’ve been lucky and had an incredible life. I got to live the dream and I’m still doing that.”