Shane Filan's 'Everything To Me' Video: 5 Things you need to know

01/08/2013 11:00

You lot went crazy for Shane Filan’s debut single ‘Everything To Me’ in a previous Download Or Ditch, which is understandable because it is, what we would call, an absolute tuuune! It’s a little bit Olly Murs but a whole lotta Shane Filan. And now the ex-Westlife front man has premiered the music video for his track. Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s set on the wreckage of a recent plane crash- Imagine if Britney’s ‘Toxic’ video went on for a little bit longer and her antics had resulted in some form of ‘Lost’ crash landing, that’s pretty much it.

2. Shane’s quiff has grown since he left Westlife to One-Direction-like proportions… and we like it!

3. There are three guys in the video who had obviously tried to escape the wreckage but ended up strapped to the plane. Do these guys sit around moping that they’re probably doomed to hang from the side of a Boeing 737 for the rest of their lives? No, they grab their instruments and enjoy Shane Filan’s musical stylings, almost as much as us.

4. Mark Feehily does not pop up towards the end and do some Mariah-Carey-esque warbling as Shane repeats the chorus. This confirms suspicion that this is not a Westlife song.

5. There is not a stool in sight. Once again confirming that this is not a Westlife song.

Watch the vid for ‘Everything To Me’ Here