Shane looks forward to flying solo as fans get a peek at new video

30/07/2013 10:48

HE once headed up a chart-topping boyband, but now Shane Filan is 'flying without wings'.

These are among the scenes from the former Westlife star's solo song.

Shane (33) treated his fans to an exclusive peek of the video to Everything To Me.

The Sligo star – who was made bankrupt a year ago – filmed the footage in a plane graveyard in the Nevada desert.

And it's clear that he is aiming for the skies with this latest venture.

In the video, a group of air hostesses walk up and down the aisles of a wrecked plane and dance in tiny mini-skirts, while musicians play instruments beneath twinkling fairy lights as Shane sings to camera.

At the end, Shane wakes up in a bed suspended from one of the wings.

Shane has described the song as a "sing-a-long, sunshine-tinged pop at its finest".

"I am incredibly excited to have joined Capitol Records, and being back in the studio in London and Nashville recording new songs has been amazing," he said.

"Working on solo material is something I had always dreamed of doing, and I'm incredibly happy with the results.



"Everything To Me is a very personal song to me lyrically; it is such an upbeat and optimistic record, perfect for the summer. I can't wait for people to hear it."

Shane's mentor Louis Walsh is confident the album will be a success.

"He lost all his money but that's fine," Louis said. "He's got his voice, he's got his wife, he's got his health, he's got his kids, so we're starting again.

"I'm very optimistic for him because I've heard the music.

"And he's co-written all the songs. Honestly, he's going to be huge.

"They're all brand new songs – it's hits, hits, hits," he added.

"It's very American. It's not like anyone I know. It's quality."


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