Westlife’s Shane Filan: One Direction have no idea how successful they are

22/09/2013 10:40

He was part of one of the most successful groups to come out of the UK in years.

Shane Filan believes One Direction have no idea how big they are. Copyright [PR] So we think that Westlife’s Shane Filan knows more than a thing or two when it comes to being in a boy band.

The 34-year-old singer, who has since gone solo following the band’s split, told AMAZEPOP that he believes One Direction probably don’t have a clue as to how big they actually are.

He told the online mag: "Westlife were so big and so successful, you look back at what we actually did, and it’s mind-boggling!

“You realise why other bands might have mutual respect for us, even if they don’t like our music. One Direction have it now, worldwide – it’s America, everything, and they don’t realise now.

“They haven’t got a clue how big they actually are. They’re riding that wave, they’re so used to 20,000 people a night.

Shane Filan doesn't think One Direction understand the size of their success. Copyright [AP] “They don’t realise how amazing that is. I’d love to play an arena again someday, but I’m looking forward to playing small venues. I’d like to have any crowd!"

Many fans were left heartbroken last year when Westlife decided to call it a day after 14-years together.

We wonder if One Direction will be able to match that…

Speaking about life after the band, Mark admitted that although he is proud of his time in Westlife, he wanted to move away from the image in his solo career.

Shane Filan wanted to release music different to Westlife's previous hits. Copyright [Wenn] He admitted: "In my opinion, Westlife were amazing. We broke the rules, we set records, we did stuff that other people could never have done, and still probably never will do.

We have that, and we’re very proud of it. But for me, it had to shock people a bit.

“If I’d done a cover of another song, it wouldn’t really have been that interesting.

“Westlife fans might have liked it, but I want Westlife fans to love something new about me.

“It’s that feeling when you want to appeal to so many people, and appeal internationally. I want to appeal to every country in the world."

Read the full interview in this month’s AMAZEPOP e-mag available to read here.